Brenda Barnette is Destroying Animal Services Cuts Services after Midnight

It is unconscionable for Animal Services to have no staff on duty after midnight instead of reaching out to the community and extending the service hours in a bizarre move the department will end Night shifts for Animal Services at the few remaining shelters.Brenda Barnette LA Animal Services GM

This after sending the LAPD to raid local animal shelters to remove the Guns the Animal Control officers had assigned at stations leaving them with a reported 1 per station Brenda Barnette the General Manager is treating our brave Animal Control Officers like they weren’t at the Animal Shelter but in Waco, Texas.

Animal Control officers handle dangerous and deadly animals, a serious risk to Public Safety and they have been mistreated and neglected by the new General Manager and SEIU 721 for far too long.

Just weeks after I attended the Animal Services Commission meeting Kathy Riordan the strongest animal activist on the commission was forced to resign from the commission, not before a speaker during public comment claimed that the General manager Brenda Barnette had her own daughter working at the “ best friends” animal shelter drawing a salary.  I took my very limited 1:00 minute to ask the City Attorney representative present if this was indeed the case that a serious conflict of interest was present and that the GM should recuse herself, then letting them know the terror she tries to spread among the workforce with her management style.

All this after the failed Best Friends transfer which has the non-profit organization in a priority spot to raid local shelters taking only the most adoptable animals with little regard for the survival of all the animals.  Clearly in a perfect world LA would be a no-kill city, reality severe budget cuts and General Managers attempt to rule with an iron fist have left Animal Services in a terrible position.

Tax Payers cannot continue to fund state of the art facilities via bond measures like Prop F intended to reduce overcrowding and make animal services both humane and widely accessible to more residents if the Staff and hours are reduced while select private groups are allowed to take over tax payer funded facilities.

Best Friends Animal

Los Angeles is full of amazing volunteers and non-profits whose goal is simply saving animals, Clearly we need much stronger spay and neuter policies, a larger investment in our Animal Control Officers that monitor the abuse and neglect of animals city-wide, and a stronger dedication to the staff who are some of the most amazing animal lovers in Los Angeles.


If you Care for Animals, Join Us Tonight for a candlelight vigil at the east Valley Animal Shelter  14449 Vanowen Street In Van Nuys 91405 from 6 – 9 PM

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