Los Angeles Police Department Detention Officers to be exempted from furloughs

Politics 101, it’s not who you know but who you…. Hire.

LAPD Metropolitan Detention Center

Los Angeles Police Department Civilian Detention Officers in the LAPD were represented by SEIU 721, although technically still represented dues paying members they took it upon themselves to seek and pay for outside assistance.

With the correct political lobbying, and the ability to locate money which let’s be honest can be a nightmare even for seasoned elected officials, you can get an outgoing councilman to draft a motion, find the money and make a loan in a matter of weeks.

This takes us to the Council Motion from GREIG SMITH below. What it does is simple, it loans the LAPD $718,675.00 from the Sunshine Canyon Community Amenities Trust Fund.

Although critics will cry foul that that money is earmarked for use within 5 miles of the Sunshine Canyon Landfill, and the Metropolitan Detention Center is 35 miles away it shouldn’t qualify.

Argument to counter is simple, LAPD officers will be back on patrol where the taxpayers expect them to be and qualified highly trained Detention Officers will be running the Jail exactly as intended.

Simple enough. This should sail through the council tomorrow with little or no objection and SEIU 721 can take zero credit for it.

Yet again Union members working together for themselves accomplished a major goal.

SEIU 721 has only the let’s giveback everything mentality and no Public relations or media campaign at all.

Members suffer while they continue to make money.

PSR’s and Senior PSR’s I continue to work towards this goal as well as for BSS employees and others I will continue the fight giving my all for the workforce and the residents.

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