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The Famous Friday Drop. After everyones gone home for the night, surprise an email pops up near 9Pm. In the Excuse filled email the latest contract agreement. After carefully reviewing the New Revised Draft Agreement which supercedes are previous ERIP, and our current contract, one thing is clear.  Were Still Screwed! We were fed half […]

That the Committee recommend to the Board that the Unfunded Actuarial Accrued Liability associated with the City’s proposed Early Retirement Incentive Program (ERIP) be amortized over a time period that matches the actuarially-calculated salary savings period from the ERIP – 5 years (Method 2).  Method 2 – Match the Amortization Period to the Actuarially-calculated Average […]

Los Angeles Prepares for Layoffs Erip R.I.P. With the very real possibility of furloughs getting rescinded after a federal appeals judge ruled unconstitutional the Furlough plan implemented by Prince George County. General Managers are now tasked with making new financial assumptions or resorting to previous layoff lists established to meet the current budgets savings. Departments […]