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CAO Miguel Santana filed with the Employee Relations Board a unilateral written notice that the Engineers & Architects Association had reached impasse on major issues in the-meet and confer process on a new MOU, EAA has made claims the city has attempted to bargain in bad faith and impose certain conditions upon the membership of EAA without a vote.
We will present the facts clearly for the members of EAA to decide if anyone is bargaining in Bad Faith or if they need to demand a vote on the “Last, Best, Final” offer by management.

Heavy rain continues to slam the LA area. Report any Major issues to 311, watch for flooding stay way from flood control channels #larain # Furloughs or not Public Works employees stand ready to serve the City of LA & it's residents 24/7 even on Holidays. # Report all Major mudslides, Downed Trees, & other …